thank you Lord to teach me how be sincere, let go what I can not get anymore…

sometimes, I feel this is not fair and I feel this is so cruel to be my history

but, I don’t have any power to reject it.. I always learn how to accept all the things happened in my life as Your plans.

because I believe in You and I know I’m Yours…

let me get closer to You and I recognize You more, to find peace in myself

when I feel this is very hard to handle, I just want to take the breath and I hope I still can see the nature behind me

my eyes and my heart as the witness of Your works in my life

help me Lord, to find Your peace and Your will in my life.. teach me to always grateful for everything

although I feel this is not easy, but I learn to be strong and continue my life in Your way

teach me to be Your child, to know what’s right ad what’s wrong with me

everything is happened for the reasons.. even though I don’t find the reasons now, I try to believe in You

I see Your greatest love really works in my life… all my prayers I give it to You, Lord

Lord, You look so far from me, but Your presence is always near with me.. You let me be a strong person to pass all my storms

in every storm that I have lived, I feel so weak, but Your hands have strengthen me before I see Your help

my heart is hurt when I should lose Your hope, the light is gone leave me with so many doubts.. let me see Your love everyday, see You in every my worries

thank you for shaping me as Your lamb, shape me Lord to be like You, so people can know who You are

my weakness have taken all my happiness, but with what I have now, I want to praise You and pray to You for myself and others….

Don’t Know

sometimes, I can’t understand what’s wrong with me, why I should have this in my life

this is my life that I must live it on.. everyday can be so tough and difficult to handle

however, I don’t have any choices, but I can still decide what makes me happy

Lord, this is my life, with all the troubles that I have, in every tough situation, I know You are always with me

when I feel this is not fair, I try to trust You… You always give me the best from all my bad things

I have debated so much, I’m tired of it, there is a lot of explaining but still, there will be someone will judge me in his own way

Lord, if I can be honest, I’m tired of my life which is full of judgement…. but I know and realize, I can not escape from this situation

this situation brings me to be more closer with You, to always trust in You for everything

even though, when I feel that I am so blind of Your power and Your blessing, but what I have believed is Your blessing and Your love are never leave me alone

I don’t know what’s going through, but I see You as my Father who loves me so much

Your guidance always protect me from anger, sadness and disappointed.. You satisfied me with Your kindness

I need Your love, I need You in every my struggle… I know this will be more difficult but I know You are here to give me Your strength

thank you Lord, for Your kindness, Your wonderful plan for me, You have save my life from an accident… You are the saviour of my life, that’s why I lift to You my pray and my praise

I don’t have anything to expect more, but I have You, who always gives me more than what i need

I trust in You, Lord.. for without any reasons, like You have loved me too without any reasons why You choose me to through all this trials

to be strong with You is my choice, to love my days with Your heart… peace with myself and let me walk inside Your plans

when I feel so confused and don’t know what the right is, I don’t want to release my faith… because this my faith Lord, to always know You more day by day

A Heart

Lord, this is my heart, that I have given to You

in every my trouble, sometimes I don’t  see that the trouble is gone

however, what I believe is You are always with me and Your power has strengthen me

all my weakness, my worries, my fears and my doubt, I give it to You, because I trust in You as my saviour

this is the trap that I have done in my own mind and I try to escape from there

when I feel, I can not do anything, I just close my eyes and pray to You to get closer to You

I rely on You for all what I face now, what I need to do now…

Lord, teach me to always see everything based on Your eyes

feeling what happened in my surrounding with Your heart

Your words is my power and the reason why I should believe in You

Lord, I can not do everything very well, I realize that my life always get closer to the sins

all my sins have made me in the darkness and I can not see Your miracles

nevertheless, I still believe that You are never sleeps and leaves me alone in every difficult circumtances

You have teach me to always be thankful for all which You have given to me

I really thankful to be Your child who always try to obey and do all Your rules

I know it’s not easy, but my faith and my heart have given to You, not because I expect something good everyday from You, but because I realize that I am Yours

You create me as Your dream in me.. Your will helps me to recognize who I am

in everyday should has something to grateful, in every time, should has something to say “thank you”

thank you for giving me breathe in every second, You give me happiness in every sad situation

You give me all I need not what I want…

You give me a special heart to always to be grateful and to control of my emotion in Your way

I know my life gonna be more difficult, but I have to be strong person if I want to pass this trial

God’s Love

friends should not always be in love

love should not always harm a friendship

but love can help you to find the right person, even you are falling in love with your bestfriend

however, love should not always be together

the maturity of love is when you realize can not get what you want and what you love, but you still believe that true love is never die and you are brave to let go what you can not get

nevertheless, when you let go what you wish, you still believe that God has something better for you

everything is happened for a reason, for a lesson and to know who you are

human love maybe makes you very happy and priceless, but do you know that there’s another wonderful love which can save you and give more than happiness?

thank you Lord to love me and let me know Your love

Your love has a power which can change the way of my life

my life is not valuable because of my weakness, but I realize, Lord… 

this is my life, full of sins, weakness, worries, fears and sadness, I give it to You

use my life, my journey to always show to other people that You are here and never makes me disappointed 

because I have faith in You, I trust in You as my savior, my hero and my bestfriend

disappointed because of human love, is a normal thing, but a wonderful moment is when you try to more recognize what God’s love is and you try to fill your broken heart with God’s love which is never end


when someone lies to you, maybe he can not appreciate your honesty

a liar can not always hide his condition behind you

if you pay attention what happen in surround you, you will realize something different

someone lies to you, is for saving you from something which is very hurt with a wrong way

a honesty is more priceless, rather than you know something which you are doubt

eventhough, lies are never seen, but I can see and feel that there’s something wrong here

maybe God doesn’t allow me to know it directly, but from this reality, I know that, God wants me to always pray for someone

sometimes, pray for someone is more easier, rather than search nothing and never come back again

a prayer should not always in the long words, so God can grant it for you, but before you say anything, God knows what you need

hiding something for a happiness, it’s same with you give me a delicious food but the food is very dangerous for my stomatch

it’s better to know which is right from what I see and what I experience before, rather than I should listen it from other people

Save My Heart

Lord, thank you for saving me from a broken heart

I know and I realize that You love me and Your love is never end

thank you, Lord to teach me how to be a strong person day by day

through Your power, I feel your blessing in all my life

Your plans are not my plans, but it’s my hope to be like You

ya, I just want to see Your stars in my darkness

let Your love shines in me, let other people to know who You are, through me, Your child

Lord, this is my desire and my heart that I lift it to You

all I have today, what I feel right now and what I am doing now, only can be happened because Your will

I don’t know what will be happened in the future, but I can still imagine that by Your hope which is given to me

if one day, I lose my hope and my eagerness, it’s not because You hate me and You want to see me crying, I know Lord, You are working behind the scene

Lord, thank you let me know Your power and Your miracles are real in my life

You love me and You see me in Your own way

I really grateful, because You make me very valuable…

Lord, thank you for never leaving me alone, Your grace is always sufficient for me

what makes me sad today, lead me to show Your time and Your works are wonderful in my life

thank you for saving me from an accident, heal me from the wound in the past

let me be strong with You, always with You, because You are all I need in every my situation

being strong is not easy like saying in front of people, but a strong person always rely on You, Lord

I decide to depend on You, although it’s not easy, at least I have tried and learned to be Your child

as Your child, I learn how to be a strong person, like what You wish in me

Your wish is my lamp under my feet, my dreams lead me too, for always knowing You better

Your promises are showing me Your endless love to me, You make me know what love is to be

my life is too short, but my faithful to You has saved me from a broken heart and from losing a hope…

Tahun Baru, Cerita Baru

1 tahun sudah berlalu lagi dan sudah berganti nama

berganti nama, berganti pula ceritanya disetiap lembarnya

inilah hari pertama dari 365 hari yang harus dilewati ditahun 2017

tahun baru, pengalaman baru, cerita baru dengan harapan yang baru juga

walaupun ini adalah awal, namun ini juga merupakan kisah lanjutan dari tahun lalu

tapi ada juga yang harus ditinggalkan ditahun lalu, untuk menjadi manusia baru yang membawa sebuah dampak positif

disepanjang tahun 2017 ini, tokoh utama dalam perjalanan 365 hari ini adalah sama, dengan semangat dan harapan yang berbeda

impian bertambah dengan kekuatan doa yang tidak pernah putus….

mungkin tidak selamanya langit malam akan dipenuhi dengan bintang, tapi setidaknya langit tidak selamanya menurunkan air hujan

sama seperti impian lama yang belum terwujud ditahun baru… 

mungkin impian itu tertunda, namun waktu Tuhan tidak pernah bercanda

berdoalah selama masih bisa berdoa, ingatlah kebaikan Tuhan setiap hari, selama masih bisa melihat rahmat Tuhan

tahun 2016 sudah terlewati dengan banyak suka dan duka, kini tahun 2017 telah siap menjadi saksi perjalanan hidup yang baru

tahun boleh bertambah, usia boleh semakin tua, namun iman haruslah semakin kuat

sekuat apapun badai dan pergumulan yang sedang terjadi, iman yang kuat akan selalu membawa kita kepada kasih Tuhan yang tidak pernah usai…