You Can Like Her Too

she is different with you
what do you think about her?

she doesn’t has a pair of arms.
she has two legs, but they are not perfect.
because of support from her parents, she can get so many achievements.
she can do her daily activities.
she can drive her car,
she can play the piano and she has a nice sound,
she can draw nicely,
she can cook for her family,
she can write in her notebook.
she use her leg as a substitute for her hands
and the most important is, she is very thankful with everything she gets from God
she can enjoy for living her life although she know she can’t do everything like you
she always keeps smile 🙂

because of her goodness and her sincerity,
finally she can get married with her couple
she can achieve her happiness and her dreams successfully

if she can do it, how about you?
have you enjoyed your life?
have you grateful with everything you get from God?

when you can grateful and thank you with everything, so you can find your happiness….


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