Don’t Give Up!


when you feel a failure in your life, what do you think about your life?
is it the end of your life?
maybe you have thought like that
you have said that, it’s end and everything is futile
you lose your spirit for continuing your life
you confuse how to continue it after fall
and I know, it’s not easy for you
it’s depend on how you think about your failure
your life is dependent your choice

however, I want to invite you for positive thinking about your struggle for achieving your dream
if you do everything with positive thinking, you can pass it well
although you always fall, you MUST RAISE UP
you should remember one the most important in your life is, A FAILURE IS NOT THE END OF YOUR WORLD, BUT IT’S THE START FOR ACHIEVING YOUR DREAM!

don’t give up for continuing your dream..
the failure will make you know how to be a successful person
it can also teach you how to thankful
there are so many chances for changing all
and you will see the results happily
so, you can appreciate all which you have done

don’t worry, if you feel alone
because you are surrounded by people who love you..
including God..



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