Going to University

I have a story. It’s about my bad experience and nice experience. It was begun from my Senior High School. I didn’t finish my school like my friends. I follow the National Examination earlier than my friends and now I had passed it. I am very thankful about the chance. I have so many reasons why I took this decision. The first reason is because I want to continue my school in Singapore. I realize that my skill in English is not good. So, I asked my parents to enroll me in homeschooling.

At the first time, my parents didn’t agree with my desire for out from school. However, I can make them sure that, homeschooling is the best way for me to improve my English skill and drawing skill. Because of that, my mom became very angry with me. My mom said that, if I am homeschooling, what I want to do after passed the National Examination. I answered the question clearly, so my mom can understand my mean. I think it was difficult to make my parents sure that, homeschooling is good for me. I said that I am afraid if my test for entering the university is failed. However, my mom rejected it and I confuse how to explain it again, so my parents can grant my desire.

Finally, my parents grant my desire for taking National Examination earlier. It was a good news for me. I was very relieve to hear that. After joining the test, I hope I can focus in my English. Nevertheless, it was wrong. I might have one test from my school. Because of that, I might study hard for my last report for one semester. I had thought that my score is bad, but I knew that my last score at school is not bad, even it improved, but not too much. Because of the test, my concentrate for my university’s test was not enough.

The first test was held on 10 December 2011. At the first test, I was failed because I couldn’t speak up in the discussion part. Moreover, I was not confident with my answer. The interviewer said that I can not explain the pictures which were made by me clearly. And I know that. My voice was not out because I was nervous and I was fear if my Grammar was wrong .

The second test was held on 18 December 2011. I studied hard for this test. I didn’t want I was failed anymore. However, in the real, God postponed my successful. I was rejected because of my English test was very bad. I was very shock with the bad news. Whereas, I thought I had done it well. I had studied hard for that. Since then, I lost my spirit for continuing my study at Singapore. I had thought for giving up and I chose retreat. Nonetheless, my parents always encouraged me for didn’t give up. I tried to take thew positive side from this side. And finally I agreed to follow the third chances.

I followed the third test on 4 March 2012. My mom was very expected so that I can passed the test. I could see h.er desire so that I can study in Singapore. I knew that from her ways for encouraging me. She always reminded me for studying English everyday. I had English lesson from in the morning at 8 a.m until 12 a.m. It was continued from 7 p.m until 8.30 p.m. I studied hard. I obeyed all my mom rules. Only study English, no Chinese class in homeschooling. I didn’t play my laptop until the day of the test. I studied hard seriously and I didn’t want to fail again. I prayed to God so, I could undergo this pressure patiently. I always tried to take the positive side. Although I know it’s not easy.

Nevertheless, God is very kind. He met me with my friend in homeschooling. His name is Richard Marcelly. He is younger than me 2 years. However, I think, he has thinking ways which is better than me. He could return my confident. He could reminded me that my failure is not the end of all. He said that, maybe I failed the test twice, but for God, I had been success. Moreover, he also said that the law of world is not same with the law of God. Everybody was very disappointed and very angry about my failure, but God is very proud with my effort to be successful. Since then, I realized that, my failure and all demands from my parents can not make me lost my spirit to be a successful person. God had a one plan for me. He had designed my future look like.  I could receive my bad experiences slowly. I had raised up from my sadness. Thanks a lot for my friend, Richard Marcelly.. Your support can change my thinking way about my life. And I know, that God always have a good plan for everybody, including me.

Finally, my waiting is answered. I accepted in the Singapore’s university on 14 March 2012. That’s a good news for me and especially for my parents. Since then, I feel God always works in His ways. I don’t know His ways, but He has shown His miracle, His help for me. I am very thankful for the best gift for me. Maybe, there are so many people think that it’s only a little problem. However, from this problem, I know that everyday is a chance and He never lies about His promise because He is guaranteed my future. I trust His power and His miracle. It is because I had experienced it by myself.


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