Only A Game

you teach me how to undergo this life

you teach me how to appreciate my life

I realize that I can stand alone without you

when you are not here, with me

I try to do everything by myself

don’t depend on you

I fight alone when I must beat so many rivals

I show you my effort so I don’t depend on you

I try to forget all about you

but, you always comes in the wrong time

when I start to forget you, you come to me

say HELLO to me

I can not ignore you, so I reply it again, again, again and again

until you don’t answer my last message

where do you go?

you like wind

suddenly coming to me with big smile, but in the same time, you are disappear

I don’t know your reason why you do that

and I don’t want to know the reason

I feel so tired to face you

I need some time for thinking about this relationship

maybe what people say about this, it’s true

this is only a game

because of game, I know who I am for you

I am only your friend

and you are my friend too

however, where I go, I always remind about you

you had given so many memories everywhere

it make me difficult to forget you

maybe you can ignore me, but I can’t do it

because you have taught me everything

although it is only momentary




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