Coming For A While

you came to me yesterday

I think it’s a good way for fixing this relationship

you made me so happy yesterday

from that experience, I know one important thing

you are still remember me

whereas, I guess you forget me everytime

you are very busy with yourself

when you are very busy with yourself, I feel alone

I don’t know how to face you again

now you are  disappear

you don’t reply my message  again, whereas you invite me at the first time

if the condition like this, I realize that it is only for several hours

where are you now?

are you busy?

yes, I know your answer and I should appreciate it

I must understand your condition and I have done it

I try to no search you and I can do it

thank you for your time which is given to me

everytime you can come to me, I will receive you

although it will be hard for me to forget all about you

but I know who I am for you

I can’t force you for do what I want

I don’t have any right for do that

I can only pray so you always get the best


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