I Don’t Know

I can’t read your mind

I can not guess what you do outside

one thing I know about you is you are very busy

after that, I don’t know, what do you do

where did you go now?

do you still remember me?

have you read my last message or not?

I have told you before, you like wind

you come to me and then you dissapear like this

I confuse what should I do now

I don’t know, whether I should send a message again or not

or still waiting you reply it again

however, I can guess for this situation

you are busy so you can not reply it again and after that you will forget it

I am sure about that

if it’s the real one, I can not prevent it

I try to understand your life which is different with me

and I try to combine the differences as well as possible

from this situation I learn how to understand other people

you have changed me to be more patient than before

be patient for facing your behaviour which don’t care with me

I never can not force you

I give everything to time and God

let everything walks like water which flow

following the current of time for the best way


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