Coming Out from A Problem

only God who can help me to come out from this problem

I can not say anything anymore

everything is done and has happened

I believe that, it can be fixed again, but I don’t know the way

I don’t know how to start to fix it

I realize my mistake

I am really sorry about that, please understand

however, this problem has taught me how to be more patient than before

the pressure teaches me how to take a decision

actually I can not explain it anymore

this problem makes me so stressful

I try to bring this problem with relaxed

and I believe that every problem always has a completion

I can only pray for the best

I pray so you can realize what my feel

if you and I can swap, maybe you can know what I feel all this time

my effort for doing something which is not my desire

why you don’t believe to me?

so what should I do now so you can believe to me that, I can do it

I want to study like what you say

I know about that

how to show you that, I study for it?

and I am really confuse how to explain my advance


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