Hoping It Will Be Better

I can’t do so much for facing this situation

can only hope so, it will be better

hoping everything will be finished as soon as possible

I don’t know why it can be happened again

maybe, this in my mistake

I try to understand my mistake as well as possible

I want to fix all and I hope they can understand

but it’s not easy

there are so many misconceptions between us

I am afraid to admit it

if I admit all, the condition will be hard

I can only keep silent and can not say anything

sometimes, I want to give up for confronting this condition

I feel so confuse how to self-defense

it’s to hard for me to say something what I feel

I am very afraid to say it

so, I choose keeping silent and I hope everything will be okay soon

let God changes this matter becomes a blessing

only can pray so it can be solved

it is so complicated for me

this complicated makes me know one thing that  you want I get the best

but, sometimes it makes me so confuse

it is because it’s not my desire

is it a coercion? I hope it is not

although I can not run from the real story in my life

I had given my effort for the best result, though it’s not enough or maybe it;s bad

I know my weaknesses and I had tried to  fix all

I want to change all into better

and the last word, I give up and I can not say anything

I am afraid if I am wrong when I say something

I am really sorry if I did anything which make you are very disappointed

but, I hope one day you can understand what I feel all this time


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