Need You

I realize that, I need you now

when can you give me your time for me again?

when will you ask that question again to me?

I feel alone here, without you

there are so many stories which I want to share with you

but, I never tell you everything, only the happiness story

please accompany me for a while

I need your support so I can live my life better than before

sorry if I can not tell you the truth

I never tell you my sadness

it’s too hard for me

I only want to see you smile and laugh

however, I am very happy when I know you are near with me

although I don’t know where you are live now, I feel so happy

although I don’t meet you again, can communicate with you for a while, it is better than not at all

may I make a wish?

I hope you are still remember me and you will say something to me

when I am sad, I hope you will be here

when I am crying because of something, you will come for entertaining me

you will keep me and protect me

making me smile and laugh, although I have so many problems

that’s my wish about you

I know, it is only a dream and it is impossible

when I remember you, I know one thing

you never remember me

you are disappear and I don’t know where do you go

I always hope you and I have a good communication

however, it is not grant well

when I need you here, you are not here

so I try to forget you, but you come to me when I try it

I know it is only momentary, but why you like this?

if you can feel what I feel to you

I truly need your support now

you need not to know my problem, if you come to me again now, I can face all

hoping we can meet for the last before I go

and I can hear your advice again

although you make me sad before, I will try to forgive all


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