sometimes, I don’t understand about your thinking way

I think, I always follow your decision

I yield for no refusing all your decisions

I obey all your desire, although not all is my desire too

maybe that’s my mistake

I am so afraid to admit all, but I try to understand your kindness

I know you want me for getting the best, and I can understand that

however, sometimes your way for giving some advices make me don’t understand well

without being realized by you, you make so depressful

I can not say it to you

if I tell you what I feel, maybe you will be angry with me

and I know the risk if I do that

because of that I choose to yield from you

making a wish, so I can be more patient for facing you in the next day

I always pray so you can forgive me, and understand me

is it a mistake if I hope if you can open your mind?

changing your habit into better than before

I try to understand your mean, but it so hard to self-defend

revealing all to you

dreaming so I can share all my sadness and my happiness to you

you are a person who taught me to be a good person

I really thankful about that

although not at all


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