Can Not Hate

I don’t know why I can not hate you

though you always make me sad

I can not be angry with you too long

always forgive all your mistakes

studying to understand your choice

I try to hate you so I can forget you

but, it’s not easy

when I try to do it, I more remember you

you ever make me cry but you never know

now, I realize that I can not escape from you

I need someone who can help me for escaping and forgetting you

if I can forget you and all everything about you, maybe my life will be different

but in the reality, I must study for that

study hard so I can leave you in here without a burden

I know, my time is not too long again

I will go and distant from you

before I go, I want to say sorry if I have mistakes

you have known, where I will go

maybe, I can not forget all about your kindness

is it can be substituted with hatred?

no, I can not be angry with you moreover hate you?

I really confuse with my feeling

where as, you never become someone who I expect it

I can only keep silent

every second, I hope I can stop hoping you will say something to me

making a wish about you make me realize that, you don’t respect with me

I must be patient so you don’t be angry with me

if I know the best way for hating and forgetting you, I certain have done it

unfortunately, I can not

maybe it is because you had taught me everything and could change me into better person



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