this night is raining

sometimes, rain remembers me with you

although, we never meet again, there are so many things which can remember me with you

I don’t know, why I can like this

where as we have lost communication too long, but I am still expect you say something again to me

say everything which you want to say

I will receive it

unfortunately, not all is nice stories which you gave to me

there are also so many bad stories

it make me so confuse how to combine all

when I remember your kindness to me, you make me laugh,

you make me can not stop laughing when I was very depressed because of something

you also taught me how to more appreciate my life and my time

you are a person who remind me for praying when I might face a test

I am still remember, when you gave me a power for passing the test

I got good score and I got a ranking in my class

it’s a special gift and I was very happy

thanks a lot for everything, but now it is different

when I remember that story, it make me sad



it is because it’s only momentary, after that, you don’t contact me again for more than one year

without you say the reason, I know your reason and it never change

sometimes, it make me so bored

but I know, I can’t change it

that’s your world and this is my world

nonetheless, I can not hate you, though you always underestimate me

maybe you don’t realize it, and I can understand


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