The Best Way of Reducing Stress


Stress is a condition where we feel lots of pressures in our life. We can feel the pressure because there are so many lawsuits from other people.

The lawsuits can come from parents and school. The example of the lawsuits which come from parents is when a student who has graduated from Senior High School. Parents want the best for their children. So they usually ask their children for choosing a subject which is chosen by them. Whereas the student doesn’t like the subject. At the first time, the student will agree with their parents’ choice, but one day the student will feel pressured, because feel his/her life is arranged by other people. Moreover, the student will feel stessful because of the lawsuits from the parents so, the student can get good score at school. Because of that, the student will study hard  for getting it.



Moreover, the pressure can come from school. It is because there are so many exercises and test. It can also because of the subject is very difficult for the student. Beside that, the pressure can come from his/her friend. Usually at school there are so many rivals. The rivals can also trigger stress, because the rivals don’t like the student. So, the student can be bullied until the student resigns from the school.



Sometimes, stress can lead to death, if we don’t handle it well. There are so many ways for reducing it. The first way is we can do everything which is liked by us.  The second way is we can listen to our favorite song or sing our favorite song. The third way is we can eat sweets like candy or chocolate.

People said that, chocolate can help us for reducing stress because of the materials which are contained in the chocolate. The other way is smiling and laughing.


It is because it can make us thinking positive and relaxed. It can be begun from watching a comedy movies or cartoons. Moreover, we can also go to a place which is liked by us.


Going to somewhere can help us to make our thinking way fresh again. Sleeping is also the best way for reducing stress

. It is because it can give our brain a chance for taking a break for a while. Beside that, we can also do some sports. Sports can make us fresh because we do something which is different with our activities. The other way is we can draw somethimg on the paper.


Drawing can make our feeling better.


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