Has the Ease of Cooking Improved Life?

Nowadays, people don’t have anytime for cooking. They are very busy because of their job. When they must rush because of the time, usually they choose to make instant food. Beside that, people also depend on food technology which can help the process of making food to be faster. One of  the food technology which is usually used by people is microwave.

It is usually used to warm up the food. Usually, in the morning people warm up the food in the microwave for their breakfast.



However, the food is not fresh again because the food contains preservative materials. The preservative materials are very dangerous for our health. The food which contains preservative materials can put away the nutrition of food. It can also be toxic for your health.Nowadays, there are so many junk food restaurants.


They are McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. Junk food is the food which is made from food technology.


The healthy food is the food which is made naturally and without preservative materials. Although, it needs a long process, it is better than eating toxic everyday. Moreover, snacks are also food which are made with preservative materials. Snacks are very delicious in our mouth but it is not good for our body.



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