He Never Sleeps ~Don Moen~

when you don’t know how to pray, don’t worry
God always knows what do you want to say
He knows what do you need in this time
if you can not convey your mean to Him, don’t be concern about how to say that
because, He can read your mind and before you say that, God has known it well
it is because He is a person who had created you
He is very recognize you when you were born in this world
because of His love and His affection, He never sleeps, He never leaves you alone in this world
He always keep you everywhere and anytime
in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, He always in your heart and beside you
when you can not sleep at night, don’t worry, God always accompanies you all the night
He is your friend who is very faithful
accompanying you anytime faithfully
if you don’t have any friends for sharing your problem, come to God
because, He always hears and answers it
although, you don’t know how to convey it, God will give your the conclusion
He knows everything you do in this world
He can see all which you do from above, because He has promised that, He never sleeps and never slumbers
keeping you from fear and sadness
how about you?
have you kept His love and His belief for you?
so, believe in Him and you will know His love which is very sincere only for you


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