What Would You Change About Your Hometown?

I was born in Indonesia. If I can change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some trees here.

My hometown are built so many buildings. The buildings make condition of my hometown very crowded. When it is raining, my hometown is always flooded. It is because there is not many trees.

Nowadays, the government should invite people to cultivate some plants in my hometown. Nevertheless, there are so many people don’t cultivate the plants. Sometimes, it is because people don’t realize the advantages of cultivating the plants. Moreover, it can be caused of their activities. So, they don’t have any time for doing that. Because of that, people choose for buying some plants and treating it at home. If people don’t cultivate some plants, Indonesia will be dry in summer. For preventing it, the government should do something, so the community of Indonesia want to cultivate the trees on the street.

By cultivating some trees, it can be good way for disenchanting people for being care with the Earth. As we know, plants can help us to feel fresh. The plants can also be used for sheltering when it is raining and it is hot . It might also reduce the global warming effect.

The health environment is a place where there is no pollution and there are so many plants. It can help to make the future of our children become clearer and guaranteed


One thought on “What Would You Change About Your Hometown?

  1. hey.. u have posted a nice blog…
    i would comment the same thing about my hometown…
    btw, my hometown is in jakarta, too…
    so…where do you live, katarina?

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