Between a Old Story and Tears

I don’t know why my tears come out when I read that story

whereas it is old story which is made by myself

there is a feel which me realize something

when I read one part of that story, my tears come out

he has gone forever and never come again to me

whereas I need him so much

I need his joke and his advice but he doesn’t come again

I don’t know how I can like this again

before this happen, I can undergo my life as usual

I can smile and laugh for along day, but no for this night

if you can know how much I need you right now

maybe I can smile again and my tears will stop flowing

please, accompany me for a while this night

only one night and after that I will stop crying

there is one sentence which can not I write here, but I am sure that everybody know what’s that

I know you are still here, near with me, although I can not touch you and can not achieve you

sometimes, you like a star on the sky

the star which can not I achieve by my hand

you are so far for me now

when you go, I know that you will come back, although I must wait for along time

I am not the figure in that story, but when I know that there is a person has been died

my tears come out from my eyes

I want to cry at that moment

whereas I know you are still here

I don’t know what happen with my brain

I feel that I come back to the time when I feel missing you so much

missing one important thing in my life and I haven’t found that part

my hopes are you come here and erase my tears, entertain me and make me stronger before I must leave you forever


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