God Will Make a Way ~Don Moen~

let’s watch and let’s sing together because God always beside you everywhere you are




God always works in the ways which can not you see
He has a plan for you, so He make a way for you
you can not see His way, but you can feel it by your heart
every His way is the best for you
if you don’t know how to do something in your life, don’t worry because He will remain you about all
He will hold your hand and bring you to freedom
with Him, you can know the truth
never leaving you alone, although you are in the bad situation
when you have a big problem which makes you feel tired and you are confused how to finish it,
let’s pray to God and believe that He will show you the best way
He always shows the best way for you, believe that!
every problem in this life, always has a completion
trust Him, because He will make the best way for you
He knows you more than you know
God will make everything easier
the way which is made by Him, its the special gift for you
thankful for that and God always in your heart
beside you for accompanying you for undergo your life



God Bless You


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