Has TV Destroyed Communication?

In my opinion, TV has not destroyed communication between us and our family.

Everybody has certainly experienced a debate about TV programs. For example, in our family members, our father wants to watch a football match, but we want to watch a cartoon movie, or our mother prefers to see a cooking contest. Because if that the relationship between us and our parents will become a conflict. However, it is an exaggeration . Good communication in a family means that everyone can understand each other. It is good if all the family members can watch television together.  Because of that, we can become closer to each other. It is better if a family has a favorite program for watching together.

The television program for children can also make good communication. Parents usually use  the TV program for teaching their children. The conclusion from this topic is that TV will not  destroy our communication with our family or our friends. It depends on how each people faces the situation. Each people certainly understand when we need important information from TV. We should understand when other people  need important information from TV.


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