A Small Town Vs a Big City

A small town and a big city are two places which are different. In a small town you might have a car and you might live more comfortably. You can’t get around without a car, because there is not any public transportation. Apart of that, it is not too crowded in a small town. However, education and job vacancy are very limited in a small town. The supplies and the equipments for school are also very limited. Usually, a student who graduates from Senior High School will move to a big city for his/her degree. People who don’t get a job in a small town, will usually seek a job vacancy in the big city. In a big city, they hope, they will become a better person and more successful.


Living in a big city is much better than living in a small town. It is because the equipments , the supplies for school and for job vacancy are better than in a small town. The curriculum and the quality of school are also more complete and more guaranteed. In the big city, there are so many universities. The student who graduates from the university will be easier for searching a job. The student can also get a scholarship for continuing his/her study.

The transportation in a big city are m ore various than in the small town. It can help us for going to other places quickly. However, the situation of the big city is very crowded and there are so many pollution because of the transportation.

It can also make us difficult to find the job in a bog city. It is because there are so many people who live in there. There are so manypeople who hope their life in the big city. They think that live in the big city they can fill their live better than live in a small town. Nonetheless, people realize that live in a big city is not easier. It is because, there are so many criminal problems. The criminal problems can be happened because of the necessity of living in the big city. There are so many necessities who they need, so they can live in the big city comfortably.

Nevertheless, living in a small town and living in a big city are a choice. It depends on our desire. People who live in the big city uncertain have a good life and people who live in a small town, it doesn’t mean they will be a person who less advanced. It depends on how that person undergo he/she live although he/she live in a small town or in a big city.


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