Happy Meals

There are several food and drinks which can change your mood becomes good mood. Let’s try it and you will know that your life is nice and fun.


1. Chocolate.

Everybody knows that chocolate is the first meal which can change our mood into good mood. It is because chocolate contains anadamine which can give positive effect. The content of sugar in the chocolate can improve endorphin hormone which can make us happy. Don’t eat too much, though.



2.  Ice Cream.

Who don’t like ice cream? It is made of milk, ice cream also contains riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, and protein which can help us to control our emotion and it is good for bone and red blood circulation.



3. Grape.

This fruit can be included in a food list which can be eaten for improving our mood. Vitamin C, potassium, poly-phenols (antioxidants) and there are so many the content of natural sugar is which found in red grape and black grape.



4. Strawberry.

Strawberry is same with chocolate, because it is contains vitamin C which helps for producing endorphin hormone. So, it can make us spirited. Strawberry is also potassium source which helps us  for facing stressful. Then the red of the strawberry can affect our mood better.



5. Banana.

Banana contains tryptophan and carbohydrate. The content of potassium in the banana which is high can also avoid us from cramps and it is good for our health. Two bananas a day to keep the doctor away.


6. Salmon.

Fish is Omega 3 source which can give positive effect for our mood. The research in Finlandia found that people who consume more fish, it is less likely the people experience depression. Omega 3 not only makes our mood into good, but it is also good for our heart and brain.



7. Nut.

The content of vitamin B, protein and selenium (the material is which known has big effect for creating our mood becomes positive) are the reason why nut is chosen for improving our mood. Brazil nuts has so many the content of selenium.



8. Pasta.

Pasta is good for complex carbohydrate, which can return our energy. Pasta also contains tryptophan and l-phenylalanine which can help to reduce the depression mood.



9. Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of food which is rich with vitamin B, a type of vitamin which can against stressful. The research shows that folate in the broccoli can help us to easier for arranging our temperament.



10. Milk.

Milk riches with tryptophan and amino acid are which needed by brain for making serotonin. Serotonin is natural element which can make us happy and calm. Antioxidants, vitamin B12 and vitamin D are which contained in the milk can also help us to face stressful.



2 thoughts on “Happy Meals

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