Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 1~

“CRINGG!!”, the bell rang above the entrance door of a coffee shop which had been established for 50 years. I came for a short visit. “Welcome! Oh, hi Caramely. We are very happy because you come again,” said Mr. Sumprata, the owner of the old coffee shop. I only smiled a bit to him. “Hi Caramely! How are you? I notice that you have just arrived home from school. Please have a seat. Your seat has been prepared by us, especially for you,” said Mr. Sumprata’s wife. “Thank you.” I was taken to the place where I usually sat, at the corner near the window. That’s my favourite place among so many chairs in this shop.

I sat on the sofa which was quite big and comfortable. I could be there for along the day, simply did not move to other places. I had felt as if this coffee shop was my home. When I came back from school I always visited this coffee shop; either only for sitting around or ordering something. I can even do my homework if I want. Moreover, Mr. Sumprata  and his wife had been considered by me as my parents. They were friendly and kind. Although those wrinkles filled their faces, they were still spirited  for serving every customers who came here. I saluted with their persistency. There was one thing, which made me like to live here. What else if it is not their one and only daughter, Kelly. Kelly was tough, sweet and a little bit masculine child.

“Cara, do you want to order something? Let me take it for you,” asked Kelly to me. “No, I am still waiting for my friend. Aren’t you supposed to go to school?”

“Oh I see. School? No, because I must take care of this shop until the shop is closed.”

“Really, but your parents are still here, right?”

“I am afraid, Cara. They are quite old. I fear that they are sick when they are working.”

“Have you ever accepted someone for being a waiter or waitress in here?”

“We can not afford any employees. That’s why this shop is our responsibility.” I went on a daydreaming.

Suddenly my dream faded away when I heard the bell rang which marked a customer who came. I put my sight directly to the door and my eyes looked very happy when the person who I was waiting for finally came. Kelly went away leaving me.

His name was Revan Keylor. He was my best and kind friend whom I had. He was my friend when I was a child. Sometimes, our relationship was often misunderstood by people, especially our parents. They thought that Revan and I had a special relationship.  In the reality, we did not have any special relationship. Revan had known me when he was a child and I had known him for so long. However, at Senior High School, Revan and I separated. Revan preferred to take Science class, while I took Social class. We felt sad during the selection of our major. Nevertheless, speaking about friendship, it was not fun if there wasn’t any difference of desire. Revan and I were still having our friendship outside the class. We always met in this old coffee shop after school. Either for chatting, or eating and drinking.  As if we were going to our lovely childhood.


“Hey! Why are you always daydreaming? What are you thinking about?” said him while sitting in front of me. My daydreaming faded away into nowhere. “Oh, you have come. Would you like to order something? Today, let me treat you.”

“Oh, no. Today, let me treat you instead. It is embarassing.”

“What? Embarassing? We had had this friendship for too long, so why are you still embarassed?”

“Yes, but I am a proud boy.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just split the bill.”

“Yes, I agree with you. Why don’t you do that since earlier? I have been hungry.”

I called Kelly who was taking an order for a customer in my back. “Cara, what do you want to order?” asked her spiritedly. “I want to order like usual. Revan, what do you want to order?”

“Hhmm, let me think. Same with you.”

“Okay. Make it double orders, Kel.”

“Okay. I will repeat your order. Two Ice Capucinnos and two slices of toasts with annona’s jam.”

“Yes. You have memorized my order.”

“Of course.It is easy. Please wait for a while.” Kelly was going to leave me alone with Revan.

“Car, since you were a child, you liked annona’s jam so much. Why do you like it?”

“Hhmm. Never mind. It has good taste. Not only sweet but also soft on the tongue.”

“Oh I see.” I realized that I forgot one important thing.

“Rev, the celebration of Christmas Eve will come soon. Do you have any plan?”

“Yes, you are right. Why?”

“I have a plan for inviting you to going to an open place for witnessing the beauty of Christmas Eve. Do you have any spare time?”

“Where is it?”

“It is still a secret. Do you want or not?”

“Well, it’s okay. We have not gone together for a long time. What day and what time?”

“Chrismast Eve. On 24 December, around 11 pm.”

“That’s a good time. Should I pick you up or would you pick me up?”

“Let me pick you up.”


To Be Continued


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