Gadgets are Spreading Diseases!

There are several diseases are which caused by the usage of gadgets. We should be careful with our gadgets, like BlackBerry, handphone, keyboard, earphone, etc. How to avoid it? Don’t worry, guys. I will share it to you.  🙂


1. BlackBerry Thumb.

It is a disease is which caused by the usage of the fingers gradually in several smart phones. The symptoms from this disease is stiff and cramp in the thumb. The thumb will be difficult to be moved. Even, it can make paralysis of the hand. According to dr. Fritz Sumantri, neurologist doctor from Garuda Sentra Medika Hospital, Jakarta, when the thumb is used gradually, the nerve will be exhausted and induce calcification. This calcification will be happened around 55 years old, but because the thumb is exhausted, so we can experience it around 10 years again.


How to Avoid It?

Using the other fingers when we use the smartphone. It is better if we don’t use smartphone when we have to write a long message. It is because we will be tended for using the thumb when we are doing it. When our mother fingers are felt stiff, let’s soak it in the cold water until it is better. If it can not be addressed again, please consult  it with the doctor. So the doctor can give the next treatment.


2. Calluses on the hands.

In the reality, typing in the keyboard can also make thickened fingertips. Dr. Fritz Sumantri explained that it is because of layer of the epidermis of the skin is thickened, due to the continuous stimulation. Moreover, the nerve in our hands also experience the fatigue.Usually this disease will attack the mother finger, the point finger and the middle finger.


How to Avoid It?

Taking a rest for a while when we have typed for 2 hours. We can use balm and liniment. However, if it is too long to attack, let’s consult it to the doctor.


3. Annoying the Quality of Sleeping.

Be careful with the radiation from the handphone. According to Dr. Fritz Sumantri, the brain and the heart work with electrical system. It is the same with handphone. When we are sleeping, the brain which is supposed to slower, it is working again because of the stimulation from the hanphone radiation. So, it can affect the quality of sleeping. We can sleep so soundly or we even feel very tired after waking up.

How to Avoid It?

We should not place the computer, laptop, DVD and television in our bedroom. Let’s stop to do activities with the technology equipments around 2 until 3 hours before going sleep. Moreover, it is better if we use earphone when we want to call someone for reducing the handphone radiation to our brain.


4. Facial Acne.

According to the research is which done by microbiology, there are so many germs in our handphone than in the toilet seat.  The bacterium can cause the hectic. Moreover, in the several cases, the acne can be appeared.


How to Avoid It?

Dr. David Colbert from New York Dermatology suggested that when we use the hsndphone, we should not press the handphone to our skin. It is better if we use headset or use the telephone cleaning before we use it.


5. Visual Impairment and Seizures.

Please pay attention when we use the computer too long, our visual impairment becomes blur. It is because of the optic nerve works twice. Moreover, if we use the computer or play the games closer. So our eyes will be watery, redness and vision will be blurred. In the several cases, the lights from computer which is the collection of small units can trigger  the increase of  electrical potential. So, for people who have epilepsy can experience the convulsions.

How to Avoid It?

Let’s manage the lighting and sight distance to the computer. The best distance is 50 cm from the computer. Taking a rest for 20 seconds, for the using of the computer for 20 minutes. If it is very disturb, massage the eyes slowly under the eyelid and give warm compressed for the eyes.


6. Ear Disorder.

For us who like to listen music using the earphone, we should more careful. According to Brian Fligor, audiology diagnostic from Children’s Hospital Boston, the adding of age, smooth cells in the ears  which send the sound to the brain can lose the function. However, if the ears alsways hear the loud voice, the smooth cells can be died faster.


How to Avoid It?

Let’s manage the volume of music around 60% from the maximal volume. We can limit the songs for being listen by the earphone. It is better if we use the speaker than listen the music using the earphone.



“Technology exists to make things easier, but if you’re making your life more difficult byn interacting with your devices too, often it ends up being more of a problem. Figure out ways you can avoid using your technology for everything and you’ll become accustomed to using it less.”, Anonymous.



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