Do You Prefer to Eat Out or Eat at Home?

Nowadays, some people like to eat at home and prepare food by themselves, but others prefer to eat outside in restaurant or at food stands. However, I prefer to eat at home.


The main reason is that at home, family members can prepare theirs meals and enjoying their food together, which can enhance their relationship. Moreover, they can also open cooking class. Their mother can teach them how to cook some food well and delicious. It can also help them when they have household.


In my opinion, the most delicious food is made by our family. It is because, the meals are which made by family is made with love. There is no people who cook for killing other people, moreover it is for their family members.  Nevertheless, there are some advantages to eat outside.

The restaurants offer a more comfortable environment to eat and the food tastes more delicious than home-cooked meals. People also do not need to worry about washing dishes and cleaning. For people who are very busy to cook, eating out is certainly an ideal choice. For people who do not know how to cook and do not have someone to cook for them, eat outside can also be their choice. Another reason that eat at home is the best choice is because we can save money. The same amount of money that you spend on a meal in a restaurant can buy a lot more food from the supermarket.


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