Important Qualities of a Good Son or Daughter

There are so many the important qualities of a good son or daughter. Good son or daughter can keep his/her family’s name. He/she can also cooperate in his/her family. Moreover, he/she can be honest and can be reliable. He/she might also obey all the rules at home. The parents also expect their son or their daughter to admit their fault. If  he/she admit his/her fault, so they can fix it together. Good son or good daughter can also be taught and can understand his/her parent’s wish. Moreover, he/she is expected for getting good score at school or can get an achievement.

The success of their children is the best gift for the parents. Money and their effort for their son or daughter are not futile. Moreover, good son or daughter can also respect his/her parents. He/she might also help when the parents ask for doing something.


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