Should Parents Make Decisions for Their Teenage Children?

In my opinion, parents should not make decision for their teenage children. That’s true if children don’t have any experiences for determining a decision. However, parents only help their children for determining something. Parents can give their advice or their suggestion for their children. After that, give the children time for thinking about the decision. Taking a decision can help the children for opening their mind and for recognizing themselves. Moreover, everybody should have a chance for taking a decision because they know about their ability. If parents force a decision for their children, they will depend on other people. They can become a person who don’t have independence. Hence, doing something which is not our desire can be burdened. As if the parents manage their children’s life. Whereas, the person who undergoes the live is their children, not the parents. Parents should believe to their children’s ability. If parents do not give a chance for thinking and taking a decision, the children will feel not reliable to do something, as if all which they want to do are always wrong. It can also make them afraid for talking about their feeling and their experiences to their parents. They will close their mouth and it can trigger the children become a silent person at home. It can be difficult the parents to know what the children’s need and want. Moreover, it can also trigger the harmful of relationship between children and their parents. It is not wrong if parents give their children belief, because the children will be a mature person every year. If the parents give the children the confidence, so the children feel that they have been mature. It is the time for them to take a decision alone, because the person who can determine the way in their life is only themselves.


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