The Dangerous of Plastic

There are so many things are made from plastic. So, we must be careful before buy things are made from plastic. Please pay attention with plastic packaging which has different code with other plastic packaging. The triangle code is called as resin identification code is which created by The Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) in 1988. By this code, we can distinguish the type of plastics which can be recycled and which can not be recycled. Moreover, the code can also help us to know whether the plastics safe to use or not. So, we must know the meaning of the plastics code.



PETE or PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate)

This type is usually used for the plastic bottle which are limpid, transparent, or see-through, like mineral water bottle or juicy bottle.


 HDPE (High Density Polyethlene)

This type is usually used for bottle which color milky white. #1PET and #2HDPE may only be used once. Then, you should not fill it with warm water or hot water. It is because of the content of Bisphenol-A which in the plastic can soluble with the water which in the bottle and it can cause breast cancer.


Yatau PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This plastic is very hard to be recycled. We can find this type to cling wrap and bottles. It is the same with #1, and #2, the content of #3 can also include in greasy food if it is warmed. It is very dangerous for kidney and heart.


LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

Things which have this code can be recycled. It means can be used repeatedly or more than once, but it can not be destroyed. We can find it in eating place or bottles of soft.


PP (Polypropylene)

Plastic things with this type safer to be used than other types. You should search the plastic things with this type when you are buying plastic things. Especially for things which relate with food and drink like lunch box and drink bottle.


PS (Polystyrene)

PS is usually used as material of styrofoam food place or drink place disposable. The material of styrne in the polystyrene can leak into the food although it only touch. This material is very dangerous for brain and nervous system. Because of that, America and China has banned the usage of food place from styrofoam.


Other (it usually Polycarbonate)

Polycarbonate is made with the main material is Bisphenol-A which can harm hormone system. So, you should not use this type. You even never use it, because it is very dangerous.



Guys, because of that, let’s check the type of plastic before you buy it. It is better than you are hit cancer diseases, like breast, kidney or heart.


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