Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 2~

~Part 1~


“Rev, the celebration of Christmas Eve will come soon. Do you have any plan?”

“Yes, you are right. Why?”

“I have a plan for inviting you to going to an open place for witnessing the beauty of Christmas Eve. Do you have any spare time?”

“Where is it?”

“It is still a secret. Do you want or not?”

“Well, it’s okay. We have not gone together for a long time. What day and what time?”

“Chrismast Eve. On 24 December, around 11 pm.”

“That’s a good time. Should I pick you up or would you pick me up?”

“Let me pick you up.”


~Part 2~

I went to this old coffee shop again. Like yesterday, I was waiting for Revan’s coming. If only people knew, this old coffee shop had saved so many memories about Revan in my heart. I met and acquainted with him in this place. And on this table and on this chair he and I made a promise and chatted. Figure of Revan is too kind for me to be loved. I indeed loved him. As if the part of his soul was also mine. The memories of that childhood were formed under this roof of old coffee shop. It was impossible for me to just let it go from my mind.

Nevertheless, I felt something different today. Whereas, the hours after school have passed two hours ago. Why didn’t he come? Usually, if he couldn’t come, he would certainly contact me. However, this time, he didn’t contact me. I felt concern. I was afraid if he had bad situation on the way. Moreover, he always rode his big motorcycle. I hoped he was okay.

I was waiting and still waiting. I didn’t care how long I had sat here. There was only one thing in my mind, Revan would certainly come. However, where was he? “Are you waiting for someone, Car?”

“Kelly? Yes, I am. I haven’t seen Revan today,” said me while looking around. “Maybe he has some errands which can not be left. Wait a minute. He will certainly come.”

“But, he has not called me until now. I feel so concerned.”

“Maybe, he is very busy. So, he doesn’t have any time for calling you. Be patient, please.”

I took a deep breath so I could be calm. In the reality, I felt more concerned. My feeling about him was also not really good. He was a clumsy and desperate boy. Accidents could always happen with his motorcycle anytime.


The clock had shown 21.35. However, Revan had not shown his face. Moreover, this coffee shop would be closed. “Sorry Cara. Our shop will be closed by us.  You should go home. We are afraid if your parents were worried about you,” said Mr. Sumprata’s wife. “Yes, Cara. You have been here for along the day. Only sitting,  waiting for him to come. You are willing not to eat and drink only for him. You can come again tomorrow with your friend,” persuaded Mr. Sumprata. “Okay. So, I am going home now. Thank you for letting me be here until midnight. I will come back tomorrow. See you, all.” I was out from that old coffee shop.

On my way back home, I was daydreaming about him. If I thought about all, that place had been like a person. A person who saw and witnessed about my memories with him. All events which related with him were saved and recorded there. Only there, I felt his presence.

During the dark night, I tried to call him again. Repeatedly, I tried to call him, but he didn’t answer it. Today I had sent messages for him repeatedly but he didn’t reply it too. I felt so annoyed and confused about how to contact him. This was my last effort for asking him. After that, whatever.

Suddenly I heard something, but I might be disappointed again because it was not from the person whom I was expected. “Sorry, the number which you are called, is currently busy. Please leave your message after this sound. Beep..” I left a message for him. Sunny morning, I had waited for so long. I was not patient for meeting Revan today. Discussing about Christmas event later.


Where did Revan go? Can you guess it?


To Be Continued..





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