Nervous When Facing the Test

Why can we be nervous?

According to Miss Pricilla Misero, Psi, we can feel nervous when facing the test because we have fear. It is because we haven’t controlled the subject well, the test is very difficult for us or because the supervisor is fierce. Moreover, our parents want us to get good score. There are so many effects from this feeling. It can make our heart works faster, cold sweat and uncontrolled urination. This feeling can encourage us to study harder or maybe we don’t want to study at all. Because of that, this feeling can be positive, if we can manage it well. Imagine if we don’t have the feeling of fear, we will be very relax and always ready for facing all the challenges. It is good for us, but sometimes it can make us into lazy person. So, actually this feeling is formed by our valuation and only us who know how to cope it.


There are several ways so we don’t be nervous when we will face the test. Miss Pricilla Misero, Psi, will give you some suggestions about this.

1. Identify yourself.

When we have been panic, please evaluate yourself first. Let’s search the method of learning which is the best for you. For instance, we can try to study using the summary. Moreover, we should know the best time to study for us so we can more concentrate. By managing this strategy, everything which make us so worry will be disappear.

2. Be 100%.

If you want to be success, everything is which done by us should be focus. For example, when the teacher is explaining the material, we should not chat with your friends. So, the material will be easier to understand by us. If you have understood the material at school, it will be easier to repeat it at home.

3. Be confident.

Before having the test, make sure that we are truly ready. Our fight will be futile if we lose our brave when we see the supervisor. Show your skill and your ability! We should be think positive about ourselves. For instance, when we think about the difficult test, we can substitute it with the proud of our mom if we can get good score. Moreover, if our skill is more than we know.

4. Slowly but sure.

Make sure that our health is good, have sleeping time which is enough and our school equipments have been complete. It is better if we come 20 minutes before the test. Avoid to in a hurry. It is because, it will make us panic.


Nervous Go Away!!

If you can not handle this feeling well, we can change our mood with:

1. Drink a glass of water.      

When we feel so nervous, we can drink a glass of water. A glass of water can make us thinking clearer and relax.


2. Praying

Prayer is the best way for making our heart calmer. Our feeling will be more relax. We will be more surrender for undergoing the test.


3. Listening the favorite music

When we are bad mood, listening the favorite music is the best way for dispelling the whole. It can also dispel our nervous too. Maybe, we can sing the song too.

4. Doing everything which we want to do.

Usually, when we feel nervous, we tent to do something different. Do everything which we want to do, if it can make our feeling better. But, it should not make other people feel strained too.

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