Color Therapy

Do you want to get good score in the test? Maybe if you can change the color in your room, it’s the way. Color in your room can affect your ways to study.  It is because color has a relation with psychology and human’s emotion. That’s why, people of Egypt and China practice the science of color (chromotherapy) in their daily life. Let’s change the color in your room. Maybe, it can help you to improve your study.


1. Blue.

Blue is the good color for your room. Light blue can cause a effect of calm the mind and can help you to concentrate, then the dark blue can help you to think clearly. It is good for your process study. Blue can also prevent the feeling of concern and it can overcome insomnia.


2. Yellow.

Yellow can stimulate the brain for being alert. So, this color is used in traffic, like the brake lights on the back of transportation. However, we must remember that, yellow can make your eyes are more tired.



  3. White.

White is the basic color. Maybe, there are so many people use white in their room. However, be careful, it’s same with yellow. If there are so many white in your room, it can make headache and your eyes more tired because of the reflected light.


  4. Red.

This color is usually meant with burning passion. Red can help you to improve your energy, strengthen motivation and cause the feeling of excited. So your study will be maximal.



  5. Green.

Not only blue, green can also be your choice. This color can remind you with nature, it can help your        skill of reading and understanding of human. Not only that, green can also balance your emotion, so the feeling of strain when join the test can be forgotten by you.


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