Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 3~

~Part 2~

During the dark night, I tried to call him again. Repeatedly, I tried to call him, but he didn’t answer it. Today I had sent messages for him repeatedly but he didn’t reply it too. I felt so annoyed and confused about how to contact him. This was my last effort for asking him. After that, whatever.

Suddenly I heard something, but I might be disappointed again because it was not from the person whom I was expected. “Sorry, the number which you are called, is currently busy. Please leave your message after this sound. Beep..” I left a message for him. Sunny morning, I had waited for so long. I was not patient for meeting Revan today. Discussing about Christmas event later.


~Part 3~

As I arrived at school, I didn’t think that Revan was parking his motorcycle near the gate of school. I didn’t think again, I approached him and patted his shoulders. “Hi, where did you go yesterday?”

“Caramely? Why can you be here? Why don’t you enter the class?” He looked nervous this time. I was increasingly suspicious that there was something with him. “Why are you nervous? I approach you because of my messages yesterday, I want to discuss about our Christmas’ event.”

“Our Christmas event? So what’s wrong with it?”

“Why are you awkward to me? Have I made a mistake to you?”

“No. Nothing. Maybe, it’s only your feeling.”

“May I know, why didn’t you come to the coffee shop yesterday and why your handphone was difficult to call?”

“Errr.. it’s because.. ehm..” He looked cold sweated. It was strange. “What’s wrong with you? Is it difficult to answer my questions?”

“I forget, today I have Chemistry test. I haven’t studied at all. Sorry, this conversation can be postponed for another day. Sorry. Good bye.” Revan went to his class in a hurry without looking at my face. It made me sure that he had something which was hidden from me.

Suddenly Nelia, Revan’s classmate passed in front of me. I even caught her spontaneously. “Sorry Nel. Is it true that today your class has Chemistry test?” asked me directly. “What? Chemistry test? I think we had it yesterday. What’s wrong, Car?”

“Oh I see. No, Revan said that today he is going to have Chemistry test.”

“Today we don’t have any test. Sorry, I must go now. I must meet someone. Bye.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Thank you.”

I was confused with his attitude today. What was he hiding from me? until he forgot his test.


The recess time was on. I was sitting in the canteen and I was waiting for Revan to pass here. This time I couldn’t fail for talking with him because it was very important. I think, God granted my prayer. In seconds, Revan appeared. “Revan!”, called me. “Caramely? How can you be here again?”

“You are acting strangely. Certainly I am here, it’s time for us to take a rest.”

“Oh I almost forget. What did you want to discuss this morning?”

“Oh, that was about yesterday. Why did not you come to the coffee shop?”

“I had a task in the group and my battery’s handphone was low.”

“Really? You are not lying to me, are you?”

“Yes. I swear. When have I lied to you?”

“Okay, I believe you. By the way, it’s about our event. What do you want to wear? Let’s get harmonious.”

“It’s up to you. You have good taste.

“How if there is a combination between red and white?”

“It’s up to you. But, just do not be too strange.”

“Okay. But for your clothes, you should decide it by yourself. The important thing there are red and white.”

“Hhmm, it’s easy.”

“Rev, before we go to the coffee shop, let’s visit one shop for buying the Christmas’ gift. Then, we can exchange gifts.”

“Christmas’ gift? Yeah, certainly.”

“Okay, and the last, what transportation will you choose for going there?”

“On foot.”

“On foot? Are you sure?”

“Why? The place isn’t far, is it?”

“No, but it’s okay. We will go there on foot.”


I was counting the date on the calendar. I was quite surprised, evidently Christmas day was only 7 days again. Whereas I hadn’t prepared anything for going together with him on the Christmas Eve. Suddenly I got a calling from Revan. I answered it directly. “Hello, Caramely. I want to meet with you again at this coffee shop now. There is an important thing which I must convey to you. I am waiting you one hour from now. Thanks.” I hadn’t replied it, the connection had been cut down.


To Be Continued..




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