Let’s Love Yourself!


Before loving other people, let’s love yourself first. How to do that? Actually, it’s easy if you can open your mind to yourself. I will share you about that and I hope, it can helpful for you. 😀


Why you should love yourself?

Loving yourself depends on how you to judge and appreciate yourself. According to Mita Aswanti Tjakrawiralaksana, M.Si, S.Psi from the Faculty of Psychology, Indonesia University, by loving yourself, you study for accepting your ability and your weakness. This attitude affects your perspective about life. If you can not love yourself, you will be not confident, it will be difficult for you to control your emotion. Moreover, it will be difficult for you to take a decision, even it will be difficult for you to associate.

So, for beginning to love yourself, you should admit that everybody is different. It’s not a big problem if you and your friends have different hobbies. The most important is you should explore your potential. For example, you love Mathematics, you can dare yourself to join the contest of Mathematics. If you have an achievement, you will be more proud with yourself.

How to Love Yourself?

Studying to love yourself can be started from little things. This is some examples about loving yourself. Let’s try it and you will know the effects from this ways.

1. Identify yourself.

Take a paper, write everything about yourself, like your favorite food, your boyfriend type or everything which you want to write. If you don’t know what do you want to write, you can ask your friends or your siblings. They will be easy for explain about yourself.

2. Stay positive.

Do you have a friend who has body which is better than you? Have you ever thought that everybody will prefer your friend than you? Let’s explore your potential, it’s will be better for you. For example, you can be friendly to other people. Your friends will be comfortable is near with you.

3. Appreciate every achievement.

No matter how small your hard work, it’s still to be appreciated by you. By appreciating with everything you have done, you study how to be proud with yourself.

4. Sharing.

When you feel angry about something, let’s share it to other people. Share everything which you feel. Friends, siblings, until your parents are the right people for sharing together. You can also release your emotion in other ways, like doing your hobbies.

5. Don”t be easy to  trust to other people.

When your friend give negative comments about yourself, just relax. You can become it only a joke. You shouldn’t be easier to change yourself so you can be accepted in association. Trust that you are unique.

6. Being active in so many organizations.

You can do everything which you want to do, especially when you are still young. So, it will help you to find your ability and your weakness. Not only that, you can also study to accept a failure. So, when you experience a difficult situation, you will raise again and will try the best from you.

It’s Your Time!

Let’s do this activities. It can help you to love yourself too.

1. Dress up.

When your mood is not good, let’s try to dress up. You can also ask your friends or your siblings for doing that. After that, you can see yourself on the mirror. Let’s see how unique you are!

2. Traveling alone.

Who said that traveling alone is boring? You can go to the mall or window shopping alone and try some food alone. It can help you to recognize yourself. So you can peace with your weakness.

3. Writing.

Do you like writing? It’s your time to write down what you feel in your written. Writing can help make your mind is clear. Reading own writing is the good way for recognizing yourself.

4. Eating the favorite food.

Everybody has favorite food which can make he/she is happy. Is it true? Take your favorite food. Your disappointed will be changed by the delicious from your food is which eaten by you. For example, you like eating chocolate or ice-cream, you can eat it if it can change your mood into good mood. It’s not wrong to try it.

5. Gathering with people are who loved by you.

The feeling of happy is not always you can feel all the time. Sometimes, there is a situation which make you feel annoyed and can’t accept yourself.  Let’s find people are who loved by you, like your mom, your friends or your siblings. They are the ones who can accept you as it is. Moreover, it can make you feel grateful and thankful with everything which you have now.

Guys, everybody certainly has ability and weakness which are different. Let’s  reflect on the mirror and you can see that you are special and unique person. Let’s accept yourself and let’s thankful with everything which you have. It is because, not all people have the same chance like you.


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