What Famous Entertainer or Athlete You Would Like to Meet?


I would like to meet a famous singer. Her name is Taylor Swift. I think everybody has known about her. She was born in America. She has so many talents. She can play so many instruments, like guitar, banyo, ukulele and piano. Moreover, she has nice voice. I have several reason why I want to meet her. The first reason is because she has made so many songs and the songs have been famous everywhere. Her songs are very nice comfortable for listening. I like her way for playing guitar. She can make the sound of guitar so comfortable for listening. The second reason is because she usually makes lyrics for her songs from her experiences. Her hobby is making a song based on her experiences. There are so many names of her friends which is written in the lyrics. Because of that, I think she is a creative person. The third reason is because she is friendly with her fans. I have read one article about her. The article tells that Taylor Swift had shaken her fans hands one by one for 13 hours. Moreover, I heard that she was bullied by her friends at school. Because of that, she resigned from the school and she chose homeschooling way for her education. By her effort and her dream, she can show to her friends about her skill.  Although she has bad experiences at school, she is still pursuing her dream to be a singer. Now she has gone around the world for promoting her albums. The other reason why I like her is she is very beautiful and has golden hair. She is very tall. Because of that, she has attractive appearances.



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