Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 4~

~Part 3~


“Okay, and the last, what transportation will you choose for going there?”

“On foot.”

“On foot? Are you sure?”

“Why? The place isn’t far, is it?”

“No, but it’s okay. We will go there on foot.”


I was counting the date on the calendar. I was quite surprised, evidently Christmas day was only 7 days again. Whereas I hadn’t prepared anything for going together with him on the Christmas Eve. Suddenly I got a calling from Revan. I answered it directly. “Hello, Caramely. I want to meet with you again at this coffee shop now. There is an important thing which I must convey to you. I am waiting you one hour from now. Thanks.” I hadn’t replied it, the connection had been cut down.


~Part 4~


As I arrived at the living room, I asked my mom’s permission for going out tonight. “Mom, suddenly I have something to do outside. May I go?”

“Tonight? With whom will you go?”

“With Revan, Mom. Just at the moment. Please.”

“Will he pick you up?”

“No. We have an appointment at the coffee shop by the end of the road. It’s near from here.”

“Okay. Be careful. Ask him to take you home.”

“Thanks Mom.”, said me cheerfully, then I went straight away.


With gasping breath, I finally arrived in front of the coffee shop. I saw my watch. It was 10 pm now. It meant, my chance for meeting with him was only about 45 minutes. I pulled the entrance door slowly. “Caramely? You come again? You certainly want to meet with Revan, don’t you? He has been waiting for you there.”

“Thank you Kelly.” With a few quick  steps, I indeed sat in front of him. “Sorry, am I late?”

“Yes, you are 10 minutes late.”

“I’m so sorry. It is because you suddenly asked me for coming here. What’s wrong?”

“I want to cancel your Christmas’ event.”

“What?! What do you mean?”










“I mean, I can not join your Christmas’ event. I have had my own event.”

“Why are you suddenly acting like this? I had prepared all so that plan can happen. What is your reason?”

“Caramely, listen to me. We are still celebrating the Christmas Eve together. However, I want to celebrate it here.”

“In here? You mean, in this shop?”


“But why do you change your mind?”

“It is because I will make something here. Spending our Christmas Eve in a place which has saved so many memories between you and I.”

“Revan, actually what’s wrong with you? You said that as if it was going to be your last day. Please don’t make me afraid.”

“I will not go anywhere, if you keep your promise.”

“Okay. If that is your desire, I will follow it.”

“Thank you. Okay, I think our chat is enough. And let me take you home. Your mom certainly feel concerned about you.”

“Yes. Is it the only topic which you want to discuss with me?”

“Of course. Anything else?”

“No.” Revan pulled my hands and took me out from that coffee shop.


24 December, Christmas Eve.

Today was a day which I had waited for along time. I had prepared everything as well. The outfit which I wore according to my promise. I didn’t forget the gift for Revan which was wrapped by his favorite wrapping paper. I hoped he liked my gift for him.

In less than half an hour, I would celebrate the Christmas Day with Revan. I went out, didn’t make him waiting again. With little run and rain, it did not damp my spirit for running to the place was where we had promised. Arriving in front of the coffee shop’s door, I smiled. It was because the shop hadn’t been closed. The situation of Christmas Day was felt very peaceful, when the lamps shone brightly. I pushed the door.


To Be Continued..








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