Being a Smart Person It’s Easy


Everybody certainly wants to be a smart person in class. Getting good score and getting an achievement are the dreams all people. Who say that being a smart person is difficult? There are so many ways to be a smart person. Maybe you can try this way, so you can increase your score. Not only good score, being focus in the class is also important thing for you as a student. How to be focus when study? Let me share you the tricks.


1. Pairing your favorite songs.  

It is better if you pair the song which you don’t memorize well the lyrics. It is because if you pair the songs which you have known the lyrics, you will tend to sing the song than study. Classic music is the type of music which is very match and good for studying, because it can increase your concentrate.

2. Preparing the snacks.

Drinking a glass of water can help expedite the brain work so you can be more focus. Prepare the snacks too. So you will not be sleepy when you are studying. It is better if before you study, you can  fill your stomach first, so your body can work maximal.

3. Making a schedule.

Before getting the schedule of test, you can make a schedule for yourself. For example, you can determine how many subjects you want to study in one day. The most important is you should be discipline with yourself. If you can obey the schedule well and you get good score, you can also treat yourself.

4. Choosing the good time for studying.

Identify yourself. If you a type of person which can not wake up in the morning, you should not choose studying in the morning or in the dawn. You can choose studying around at 4 pm. If you like to stay up until at night, you can study at night. However, it should not make you sleepy when you are doing the test.

5. Taking time to rest.

Please pay attention, if you force the brain to work gradually, the brain will refuse all the materials are which entered by you. So, if you have studied for 2 hours, you can take a rest for 10 until 15 minutes. It will make the brain fresh again and it is ready for accepting the new materials again.


Mind Mapping.

So that you can control the material quickly, you also need the quick strategy too . The best way is identify how is your brain’s work. If you want to get the good result, you can make mind mapping. Mind map is develop the thinking activity into so many directions, catch the minds in so many viewpoints. This way can ease the brain for catching the new information.

The steps for making the mind map:

1. Starting with write the main of topic on the sheet of paper. Using so many colors and some interesting pictures.

2. Making the main branch which relates with the main topic, then making the other main branches with different colors.

3. Giving a label for every branch by key words. Then, relate the main branches with sub-branches which explains the main branches.

So that it can attract your attention for studying, you can decorate it with some funny pictures and different colors. Moreover, the brain will be easier to memorize the note which is colorful than only black and white. It can also help you for thinking creative and innovative. The most important thing is you should not be lazy to ask your teacher in the class. You can also write the meaning of the important terms, so you will more understand the materials.

Study here!

Studying not always in front of the desk or in the room. Find the comfortable place for increasing the concentrate. Maybe it can give you some other inspirations.

1. Balcony.    

If you have balcony at your home, let’s try to study there. Not only cool, the view is also no boring for you.

2. Beside the swimming pool or fishpond.

The voice of water can be the substitution of classic music which can help to increase the concentrate.

3. Garden.

Studying at garden also nice activity. The situation of studying is useful so that you will not feel bored or saturated.

4. School library.   

It is nice, when you don’t understand the materials, you can search the materials directly. Moreover, the situation at library which is so pleasure quiet, it can make you more concentrate.

5. The corner of room.

Inspirations can come from everywhere. Maybe you can get some inspirations there. If you feel bored, you can look to outside. It is very pleasure.

See You Later, Gadgets!

You can alienate some gadgets like cellphone, iPod, tablet, laptop, etc for a while. It is better for you for studying. You will not miss the important information from the gadgets, if you leave it for a while.

1. Pairing busy status.

Tell your friends in the social networks that we are studying, so they can not disturb you. Moreover, you can also save your cellphone and other gadgets when you are studying. It can help you to more focus and serious.

2. Using CD player for listening the music.

You should not use handphone or .iPod for listening the music. It is because you will tend to touch the gadget.

If you are still want to touch the gadget, you can switch off it or pair silent status, so you will not affect to check it.


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