Does Dancing Play an Important Role in a Culture?


In my opinion, dancing plays an important role in a culture. The most important reason is because it is a symbol an characteristic of the country. For example, when the tourists go to Bali, they are welcomed with dance from Bali like Kecak Dance. Moreover, when we go to America, we will see tip-tap dance. The dancers of tip-tap dance usually use a pair of shoes for making the sound. The other reason is because it can save our culture. It can also introduce our culture to children or to foreigners. Maybe, because of the dancing, children will be interested to learn how to dance from their culture. Dance can unite young generation. It can gather so many children from various regions. If they have gathered they can know the characteristics of the other people who come from other regions. For example, a person who comes from Java meets with a person who comes from Maluku. As we know, Java and Maluku have different characteristics. However, they can unite the differences, so they can cooperate together for the best dance performance. Moreover, dance can invite children for appreciating and loving their culture. The other reason why dance has important role in culture is because it can promote tourism. When a group of dancers is performing in other countries, it can attract so many tourists for coming to the country where the dance comes from. Sometimes it can pull their attention and encourage them to know about the dance. Hence, they want to learn about the dance. So, dance can bring  a culture for going international. Dance can also be cultural asset. By dancing, the dancer can earn their income. If the dancer has been famous and has gone international, he/she will be paid with a high rate of fee. Being a dancer can make a person can survive. However, there are so many people who forget about their culture, one example is Indonesia.  Not all people of Indonesia know about the culture well, especially children and students. It is because, from they were a child, they were recognized with cultures from abroad.

It can be begun from studying other languages like English and Chinese. Sometimes, it can make children master of other languages better than Indonesian. If we notice, our cultures are more appreciated by tourists than people who born and live in Indonesia. It is very dangerous for our country because if we don’t save our culture well, the cultures will be taken by other countries which love the culture more. Moreover, the culture will be decreased and will experience detriment.


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