Read First Before Eat It

There are so many label which are printed on the food packaging are which bought by you. Sometimes the label is heard like a healthy food, but it doesn’t merely like that. Let’s check first the meaning of the labels. This is the explanation.

1. Organic.

Organic is vegetable or fruit is which cultivated without the usage of pesticide. Because of that the cultivate of the vegetable or fruit is longer than the usual plants, so the price quite expensive. However, the organic product is believed more healthy. Whereas, organic meat (chicken or beef) means they let out from their cage, their food is organic and they are bred without any injection. It’s natural. If there is a written organic 100%, it means all the materials are organic. If the written is organic, it means 95% the materials are organic. If the written is it is made form organic materials, it means not all the materials are made from the organic, part of it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that there is  a material which is not organic.


2. Natural.

Natural doesn’t mean it is organic. Natural means there is no artificial preservative, chemical substances stimulating, artificial sweeteners and other chemical substances. Sometimes in this label, there is a written “no added color” or “no preservatives”, it means there is no color and no preservative material. Actually, this label is little ambiguous. It is because it is quite difficult for determining that the materials are truly natural or not.


3. MSG.

MSG means monosodium glutamate. MSG is an artificial flavors seasonings which if is used for long-term has so many bad effects. MSG also have another name is sodium glutamate. So, let;s check first that it contains sodium glutamate or not.


4. No added sugar.

Every sweet food is usually sugar, corn syrup, or high-fructose corn syrup when it is processed. No added sugar means there is no added of sugar in the process of the food.


5. Less sugar/ reduced sugar.

The amount of sugar is less than usual. It is usually 25% less than usual. It doesn’t mean there is no sugar.


6. Sugar free.

The amount of sugar in the food, less than 0,5 gram per serving.


7. Fat free, low fat, less fat.

In some food packaging, the term of “fat” is divided in several terms. There is saturated fat, monosaturated fat, polysaturated fat, trans fatty acid and cholesterol. One thing is which bewared is the content of saturated fat, because it is not good for our health. Low free means the content of fat in the food is less than 0,5 gram per serving. Low fat means the content of fat in the food is less than 3 gram per serving. Less fat means the content of fat in the food is 25% less than usual. Because of saturated food is very dangerous, so there is a food packaging which write saturated fat free, it means the content of saturated fat less than 0,5 gram per serving.


8. Low calorie, reduces calories.

Calorie is the total of all the content in a food. Low calorie means the content is 4o calories or less than per serving. Reduced calories means 25% less than the amount of calories in the same food.


Reading the Food Label can Solve the Secret Code

Every food packaging there always  nutrition fact or the information about nutritional value. It’s is not wrong if we read it as well. It seems difficult and too long like a secret code, but there is a trick for reading it quickly.

1. Serving size and serving per pack.

Serving size means the amount of calories and the nutrition in the food only for once food. One serving means one cup or one slice. So, if one serving equals 20 gram, it means one cup wafer equals 20 gram. However, one serving does not mean it is the heavy for one box. We should check the amount of food per packaging.

2. How many calories?

If we want to keep our weight, we should pay attention with the amount of calories in the food. This can be read in the part of total calorie. For example, this wafer contains 100 calories. Don’t forget to multiply the 100 calories with the once food. How many calories are which considered very high? 40 calories means it is low, 100 calories means it is quite, more than 400 calories means it is too high.

3. Pay attention with the content of saturated fat, sugar, sodium (the substance of salt) and cholesterol.

If we consume this content, it’s too dangerous for our health. Sugar usually is written as corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. This is must be more bewared because it is artificial sugar. In several salty food, sodium always there. The limit of sodium is 2.300 mg per day, while the minimal is 1.500 mg or it is less than one teaspoon.

4. Vitamins (calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium iron)

Protein always print on the food packaging. However, in the snack, cake, candy or chocolate and other food packaging, the value is very small.

5. Last but not least.

The information about nutritional value is only an instrument for reminding us what kind of materials which insert into our body. Eating cookies once, it’s good as well for our health. The most important, we are still eat the vegetables and fruits and always drink the plain water.


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