The Best Way of Learning


There are 2 best ways of learning. We can use visual method and audio method. Visual method is a way of learning which uses picture. Pictures are very important for learning, because it can help us for understanding the materials well. Moreover, it can make the subject more interesting to learn and to read. Learning by visual can also help us to be more creative. It is because the pictures can encourage us for making imagination. Imagination can also help us to catch the materials faster. Beside of pictures, visual methods can also use highlight. We can give the highlight to the important part. So we are not bored to read the materials. It can also stimulate our interest for reading because there are so many colors. The colors can also attract us for reading the materials. Moreover, we can also make a summary in a diagram. It can help us to memorize the materials well. It might also train our creativity because we can make it by our idea. We can add some pictures, so we can enjoy the materials. Making a diagram can also train us for learning step by step. So, we will not miss the important part. Whereas, audio method is a way of learning which uses voice or sound. Usually, for this method, we can use music when we are studying. We can also record the teacher’s explanation in the class. So, we can replay it again at home. However, everybody has different ways for learning. Both visual and audio methods can be used. It depends on how a person learns something.



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