Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 5~


~Part 4~

In less than half an hour, I would celebrate the Christmas Day with Revan. I went out, didn’t make him waiting again. With little run and rain, it did not damp my spirit for running to the place was where we had promised. Arriving in front of the coffee shop’s door, I smiled. It was because the shop hadn’t been closed. The situation of Christmas Day was felt very peaceful, when the lamps shone brightly. I pushed the door.


~Part 5~

My eyes were really surprised. This old place changed into a different place from usual. With a Christmas tree on the right corner and with the garnishes. The floor was filled by scattered flowers. The Christmas song was echoed beautifully. It was really beautiful and memorable. But, where was Revan? This place was very quiet. There was only me alone on my favorite seat.

“Merry Christmas, Caramely!”, said Kelly. “Thank you, Kelly. Merry Christmas too. Have you seen Revan?”

“He had come from 6 pm this evening.”

“What? He had waited me for along time?”

“He rented this shop as his last place with you. However, he was pity. He should go home, Cara.”

“Going home? Going to his house? Let me pick him up now.”

“No Cara. He doesn’t go home to his house, but he goes home to the place that created him.”

“What do you mean? He.. Had he died?”  Kelly nodded slowly and tentatively. “No! It’s impossible! He promised that he would still be here, if I keep my promise. And I have come.”

“For the details, it is better if you read this letter. I hope you can understand.” I opened the white antelope with my name on the antelope.


Dear Caramely,

Caramely, my bestfriend and my first love,

Maybe when you open this letter, I had gone forever. I am so sorry if I never tell the truth about my condition.

I am one of hundreds of million of people affected by late-stage leukemia.

I don’t have any means for making you sad or crying. I want to see your sweet smile before I go. Seeing you always laugh with me.

Although I had gone now, but believe that I will always be presence  and in your heart. I always live in your memories of the past about us. It is because you are a person who I love until the end of my life. Feeling of love which I never tell you. One thing which I can do is only making this memory of Christmas Eve. Under this coffee shop’s roof, we start and finish all.

Witness the journey’s finished this coffee shop without me beside you, but this letter becomes substitute for the presence of mine for you.

Merry Christmas, Caramely Cantika Sari.

God always bless you.

Our friendship will always live in this shop. Because of that, if you feel sad, please come to this coffee shop, so I will be presence for you. For accompanying you, entertaining you and chatting with you, even seeing you enjoying the cup of Iced Capucinno and a plate of bread of toast with Annoa’s jam….”


Revan Keylor

Same with what he has written, finally my tears dripped because of him. One thing which I never ever did before. My tears dripped right on the last paper from Revan.


It is my story between Revan and I eight years ago. Today, exactly eight years Revan’s death. I am recalling all in this coffee shop is which is loved by me. Because here, I can see the figure of Revan who lived. Same with his last letter, when I came here, then sitting on this sofa, I saw Revan’s presence in front of me. Although my tears never stopped flowing, but I feel that there is a person who entertained me from the other side. Until now, I still believe him, although he had gone forever. However, he is still in here, in my heart, and in my memory about him is who loved by me.


“Merry Christmas, Revan Keylor.”


1 year later…..

I was alone in a coffee shop in Manhattan, New York.


To Be Continued..






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