Everything About Stress

Let’s throw away all the negative power in yourself. Let’s start all with the positive thinking and free from the stress and all the problems which happen in your life.


What is Stress?

According to Mrs. Anna Surti Ariani Psi from Medicare Clinic, Jakarta, stress can be called as a pressure which is experienced by somebody. There are so many causes why stress can happen to a person. It can start from the little problems, like stuck in the traffic jam or there are so many homework, until the severe problem, like you must face the divorce of your parents or the death of your dear. Actually, stress not always negative thing. There is stress which can bring a positive. It is called eustress. You certainly have felt strained when you enter a new class or you are very spirit for finishing the formula of Mathematics? So, this condition is called the positive of stress, because it make you are spirit and focus. Unfortunately, there are so many people who experience the negative of stress which is called distress. Because of this condition, you will feel afraid, oppressed and depression.

Why can You Feel Stress?

According to Mrs. Anna Surti Ariani Psi, everybody can experience stress, including the children. Moreover, a person is a social human who always interact with other people. This relationship which can trigger the conflict and the pressure into yourself. However, if you don’t want to know everybody, it can also be stress, because you feel alone. Hence, there is the demand to yourself for fulfilling your necessities. So, it’s natural if we feel stress. From this stress we ccurricularan learn how to be a better person. For example, you feel stress because of the deadline from our homework. Whereas, you can control your feeling and see the pressure for doing the homework as the motivation for finishing it faster. This stress can be called the positive of stress. You should be smart to manage the stress, so it can not make you depression.

1. Stress at school or at university.

This is the first source of stress. However, there are several ways for free from the stress at school or at university.

The Problem:  1. There are so many homework and tasks.

2. The schedule of test.

3. The schedule of lesson outside the school and the schedule of extracurricular which in the same time.

Solve it: Making yourself is comfortable, before doing the task. For example, you go to your favorite cafe or place for doing your task. The situation can make you more comfortable and more concentrate for doing it.  You can also invite your friends for doing the task together. For example, when you feel confused with the formula of Mathematics, you can ask your friend about it. Listening to the music is also the good way. According to the research of Dr. Christopher Johnson from the University of Kansas, America, listen to the music while study, it can make you more concentrate. Moreover, the muxic which can reduce the stress. So, we can more relax for doing all the tasks.


2. Stress at home.

The Problem: 1. The demand from the parents for getting good score.

2. The parents don’t want to understand your desire.

3. The behavior’s your siblings which is very sucks.

4. The divorce of your parents.

Solve it: Doing everything which you like. If you like to draw, let’s do it. Or you like to listen to the music? Let’s do it! Your feeling will be changed by other activities. The negative energy will be thrown away. You might also do some sports. When your body moves, the feeling of sad will be disappear slowly. Moreover, sport can also loosen the pressure in the muscles. Then, the muscles will send the signal to the brain for thinking more relax. You can also ask some help from other people. When your problem has been very oppressive your chest, it is better if you tell the problem to other people. You can ask some help from friends, teachers or siblings. They certainly can see your problem from different other sides. The most important you don’t feel alone.


3. Stress in the association.

For you, friend is very important. So, when you have some problems with your friend, your feeling is so sad, alone and stress.

The Problem: 1. The difference of opinion with friend.

2. Adapting with the new environment.

3. Friend who begin to move away.

Solve it: Sometimes, insult and contumely from a friend can make yourself so collapsed You will see yourself in the negative side. Let’s try to change your thinking ways and your perspective when you face a problem. If your friend don’t like with your behavior which is very bossy, it’ doesn’t mean that you should stop to associate and blame yourself. The negative suggestion can make you always feel depression. Everything which people say about you, yourself more valuable. Love yourself, guys. Moreover, maybe you can be alone for alone. When you start feeling a pressure because of your friends, it’s not wrong if you be alone for a while. If you want to cry, you can cry. Hence, actually when you are crying, you will issue endorphin leucine-enkaphalin dan prolactin, it’s a  type of substance which can make your feeling better. So, give a space for your heart and your brain. The another way for solving it is help other people. When you feel useful for other people, you will feel that yourself is very valuable. The feeling of stress will change into the feeling of thankful with what you have know.


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