Social Science vs Natural Science

Do you prefer social science or natural science? Actually, social science and natural science are important for us. We always hear that the quality of natural science is better than social science.People think that people who take natural science are smart and clever than people who take social science. For me, the statement is wrong. Everybody has talents which are different. If we don’t like Geography, Sociology and Economic or we prefer to count than memorize, maybe we can take natural science. Moreover, natural science can help us to be closer with nature. We can know about nature, animals, plants and human. As we know the materials in natural science are more difficult than the materials in social science. It can trigger us to study hard. Moreover, if we are always serious, it will make us not relaxed because we only study all the time. It is because we think that we must be smart so, we can take natural science. Sometimes, studying in natural science can make our mental is dropped. It is because there are so many competitors who are clever than us. However, we should not be afraid with them. When we choose natural science, we have believed with our ability. Whereas, if we prefer to memorize than count, maybe we can choose social science. Social science is very useful in business. It is because we will learn about accounting. If we can control the material well, it can ease us to work in a company. We can also  learn how to use money wisely. In social science we might also learn about community, how to interact with other people. This material is called sociology. Moreover, we can also learn about Earth and map which is called Geography. Some people say that social science is easier than natural science, so we can study relaxly. People think that people who choose social science are lazy and not serious when they are studying. Actually, it is wrong. It is because social science is also difficult like natural science. Natural science and social science need good skill and good talent. The talent of people in social science is not merely owned by people in natural science. Eventually, social science and natural science are very needed by other people. Choosing natural science or social science depends on our desire and our talents. It can not be forced.


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