Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 6~

~Part 5~


It is my story between Revan and I eight years ago. Today, exactly eight years Revan’s death. I am recalling all in this coffee shop is which is loved by me. Because here, I can see the figure of Revan who lived. Same with his last letter, when I came here, then sitting on this sofa, I saw Revan’s presence in front of me. Although my tears never stopped flowing, but I feel that there is a person who entertained me from the other side. Until now, I still believe him, although he had gone forever. However, he is still in here, in my heart, and in my memory about him is who loved by me.


“Merry Christmas, Revan Keylor.”




 ~Part 6~ (The Last Part)


1 year later…..



I was alone in a coffee shop in Manhattan, New York. I was preparing my third best-seller book. Lots of things have happened after Revan passed away. I decided to move to Big Apple to pursue my dreams to be a novelist. The Lord had listened to my prayer. My first two books were successful. It became best-seller in all bookstores in New York.


That afternoon, I was enjoying my last cup of cappuccino. Suddenly, a man came to my table with several slices of toasts with annoa’s jam on it. I could only see his hands. Slowly, I pulled my head up towards him… “Oh my goodness…..”



2 thoughts on “Memories at Coffee Shop ~Part 6~

  1. Wow, Sylvina, u are talanted to right dear, it was perfect. Keep writing more and more….I really want to see ua great writer in future.

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