Thank You,Lord

maybe I can convey my mean in words

I can’t reveal my feeling in words, but I can write it on paper

when I am writing,I think I have spoken to others

writing is my dream and my treasure

by writing I find who I am

because of that, I feel thankful to God for His gift to me

I can live in this world, I can breath everyday

when I open my eyes in every morning, I learn to appreciate my chance to see the world

the sun which shines on my window, that’s the gift from God for me

I can see the blue sky

thank you, Lord

You give me a chances to live my life once again

although in this live there are so many problems, I never give up for living this life

it’s because I don’t want to muff the chances which You are given to me

thank you Lord, You have taught me the way how to be grateful by all my problems


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