Save My Heart

Lord, thank you for saving me from a broken heart

I know and I realize that You love me and Your love is never end

thank you, Lord to teach me how to be a strong person day by day

through Your power, I feel your blessing in all my life

Your plans are not my plans, but it’s my hope to be like You

ya, I just want to see Your stars in my darkness

let Your love shines in me, let other people to know who You are, through me, Your child

Lord, this is my desire and my heart that I lift it to You

all I have today, what I feel right now and what I am doing now, only can be happened because Your will

I don’t know what will be happened in the future, but I can still imagine that by Your hope which is given to me

if one day, I lose my hope and my eagerness, it’s not because You hate me and You want to see me crying, I know Lord, You are working behind the scene

Lord, thank you let me know Your power and Your miracles are real in my life

You love me and You see me in Your own way

I really grateful, because You make me very valuable…

Lord, thank you for never leaving me alone, Your grace is always sufficient for me

what makes me sad today, lead me to show Your time and Your works are wonderful in my life

thank you for saving me from an accident, heal me from the wound in the past

let me be strong with You, always with You, because You are all I need in every my situation

being strong is not easy like saying in front of people, but a strong person always rely on You, Lord

I decide to depend on You, although it’s not easy, at least I have tried and learned to be Your child

as Your child, I learn how to be a strong person, like what You wish in me

Your wish is my lamp under my feet, my dreams lead me too, for always knowing You better

Your promises are showing me Your endless love to me, You make me know what love is to be

my life is too short, but my faithful to You has saved me from a broken heart and from losing a hope…


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