when someone lies to you, maybe he can not appreciate your honesty

a liar can not always hide his condition behind you

if you pay attention what happen in surround you, you will realize something different

someone lies to you, is for saving you from something which is very hurt with a wrong way

a honesty is more priceless, rather than you know something which you are doubt

eventhough, lies are never seen, but I can see and feel that there’s something wrong here

maybe God doesn’t allow me to know it directly, but from this reality, I know that, God wants me to always pray for someone

sometimes, pray for someone is more easier, rather than search nothing and never come back again

a prayer should not always in the long words, so God can grant it for you, but before you say anything, God knows what you need

hiding something for a happiness, it’s same with you give me a delicious food but the food is very dangerous for my stomatch

it’s better to know which is right from what I see and what I experience before, rather than I should listen it from other people


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