God’s Love

friends should not always be in love

love should not always harm a friendship

but love can help you to find the right person, even you are falling in love with your bestfriend

however, love should not always be together

the maturity of love is when you realize can not get what you want and what you love, but you still believe that true love is never die and you are brave to let go what you can not get

nevertheless, when you let go what you wish, you still believe that God has something better for you

everything is happened for a reason, for a lesson and to know who you are

human love maybe makes you very happy and priceless, but do you know that there’s another wonderful love which can save you and give more than happiness?

thank you Lord to love me and let me know Your love

Your love has a power which can change the way of my life

my life is not valuable because of my weakness, but I realize, Lord… 

this is my life, full of sins, weakness, worries, fears and sadness, I give it to You

use my life, my journey to always show to other people that You are here and never makes me disappointed 

because I have faith in You, I trust in You as my savior, my hero and my bestfriend

disappointed because of human love, is a normal thing, but a wonderful moment is when you try to more recognize what God’s love is and you try to fill your broken heart with God’s love which is never end


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