A Heart

Lord, this is my heart, that I have given to You

in every my trouble, sometimes I don’t  see that the trouble is gone

however, what I believe is You are always with me and Your power has strengthen me

all my weakness, my worries, my fears and my doubt, I give it to You, because I trust in You as my saviour

this is the trap that I have done in my own mind and I try to escape from there

when I feel, I can not do anything, I just close my eyes and pray to You to get closer to You

I rely on You for all what I face now, what I need to do now…

Lord, teach me to always see everything based on Your eyes

feeling what happened in my surrounding with Your heart

Your words is my power and the reason why I should believe in You

Lord, I can not do everything very well, I realize that my life always get closer to the sins

all my sins have made me in the darkness and I can not see Your miracles

nevertheless, I still believe that You are never sleeps and leaves me alone in every difficult circumtances

You have teach me to always be thankful for all which You have given to me

I really thankful to be Your child who always try to obey and do all Your rules

I know it’s not easy, but my faith and my heart have given to You, not because I expect something good everyday from You, but because I realize that I am Yours

You create me as Your dream in me.. Your will helps me to recognize who I am

in everyday should has something to grateful, in every time, should has something to say “thank you”

thank you for giving me breathe in every second, You give me happiness in every sad situation

You give me all I need not what I want…

You give me a special heart to always to be grateful and to control of my emotion in Your way

I know my life gonna be more difficult, but I have to be strong person if I want to pass this trial


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