Don’t Know

sometimes, I can’t understand what’s wrong with me, why I should have this in my life

this is my life that I must live it on.. everyday can be so tough and difficult to handle

however, I don’t have any choices, but I can still decide what makes me happy

Lord, this is my life, with all the troubles that I have, in every tough situation, I know You are always with me

when I feel this is not fair, I try to trust You… You always give me the best from all my bad things

I have debated so much, I’m tired of it, there is a lot of explaining but still, there will be someone will judge me in his own way

Lord, if I can be honest, I’m tired of my life which is full of judgement…. but I know and realize, I can not escape from this situation

this situation brings me to be more closer with You, to always trust in You for everything

even though, when I feel that I am so blind of Your power and Your blessing, but what I have believed is Your blessing and Your love are never leave me alone

I don’t know what’s going through, but I see You as my Father who loves me so much

Your guidance always protect me from anger, sadness and disappointed.. You satisfied me with Your kindness

I need Your love, I need You in every my struggle… I know this will be more difficult but I know You are here to give me Your strength

thank you Lord, for Your kindness, Your wonderful plan for me, You have save my life from an accident… You are the saviour of my life, that’s why I lift to You my pray and my praise

I don’t have anything to expect more, but I have You, who always gives me more than what i need

I trust in You, Lord.. for without any reasons, like You have loved me too without any reasons why You choose me to through all this trials

to be strong with You is my choice, to love my days with Your heart… peace with myself and let me walk inside Your plans

when I feel so confused and don’t know what the right is, I don’t want to release my faith… because this my faith Lord, to always know You more day by day


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