Who Am I?

She is me Katarina Sylvina Halim. Nice to meet you, guys :D God bless you now and forever!

She is me Katarina Sylvina Halim. Nice to meet you, guys ๐Ÿ˜€ God bless you now and forever!


Hi guys, my name is Sylvina and people call me Sylvina or Katarina, especially in FACEBOOK and in my BLOG. Writing is my hobby when I was a student in Junior High School. At first I only write a simple poem. In the past, I had made one blog. There are so many poems, stories and pictures. If you want to see my old blog, you can open this link,


Finally, I tried to make a blog for exploring my hobby. When I made this blog, I thought that I will only write a poem in Indonesian, but now I know what I want to write. I ever think that this is a call from God for me. I feel God uses me for telling about truth of Him. I change my way becomes a religion way. It is because God had asked me for doing it. I try to do the best. I say sorry if in my blog, there are so many mistakes when I made the reflection from the Bible.

Not only Bible, but I also write my story and my opinion about some familiar topics. I hope, my written can help you for getting information.

I hope my written can be an inspiration for so many people.. and there are so many people who believe about the miracles and God.

thanks a lot for readers who have read my blog until now.ย  Your support is my spirit to continue my written. If you want to contact me, you can add my facebook in sylvinahalim@yahoo.com (Katarina Victoria Sylvina Halim)

Follow my twitter too, @SylvinaHalim

For people who come just now, I say:

“Welcome and enjoy! God Bless You Everywhere and Everytime!”



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